Fishing in the Archipelago Sea


Archipelago Sea is a very ragged group of islands, as well big and small. Some of the largest of these are in Korpo, Nagu, Hirvensalo, Kakskerta and Ruissalo. In the southern part of Turku you can find a truly unique archipelago which does not exist anywhere else in the world. There surely is an idyllic place for every fisherman in our archipelago, but you also should pay attention to other boaters and the permanent inhabitants of the archipelago as well summer guests and respect them. It is important to follow all rules and orders regarding to water traffic. You should also remember the ethical rules of fishing: do not hunt more fish than you need.

The most important fish species and how to catch them

Perch can be met almost everywhere in Finland. There is no minimum size for perch. It can be caught from coastal waters all the year round. Counted only by the amount of perches caught with jig, it is 2 million kilos every year. Perch can also be caught with spoon as well as with hook and line.

Pike perch
In winter pike perches are usually in deep water, but in spring and early summer they come to shallow water. During the daytime they are in depth and more far away from the shore but during the dark time predating in upper water layers. In the spring pike perches are often in surface waters, predate at midday and rest in the darkest night. The fishing dimension for pike perch should be at least 42 cm. Especially summer is good open season for pike perch and it can be caught with different lures.

Pikes move actively around when they are seeking for food, following flocks of herring or rising up to rivers with bleaks which are ready to spawn. Because pike is very common and big fish which can be found almost everywhere and it also tastes quite good, it is also fished a lot in Finland. Pike is also very popular among sport fishermen, because everyone can catch it well and all kinds of lures can be used. Archipelago Sea is very popular region for fishing big pikes and it can be easily caught with lures and maybe with flies, too, from early spring to late autumn.

Whitefishes move usually vertically towards coastline between deep and shallow water. In summer they are in deep water or outer archipelago, in spring when they spawn near the coast and in winter in deep water again. From there they move in spring, when water is still cold, to the coast. Fishing whitefishes is forbidden in rivers descending into the sea and brooks from 1, September to 30, November. The best possibility for sport fishermen to catch whitefishes in Archipelago Sea is in spring with spinning rod.

Sea trout
Sea trouts stay normally near the coast. Sea trout is a very popular planting fish and in Archipelago Sea they are mainly those kinds. Very many young sea trouts have been planted there and that is why there are extremely good possibilities to catch them. Trouts with adipose fins are completely protected in all marine areas from 2019. The fishing dimension for sea trout should be at least 60 cm. Spring and autumn are best seasons to catch sea trout which can be best found from outer archipelago. Sea trout can be caught with lures and flies.

Herring lives usually in flocks in free water. Those herrings that spawn in spring move in early winter towards coast, but during winter they seek for open sea and deep water. In spring they move towards spawning places in coast. Herrings spawning in autumn lay their eggs in the outermost places in the archipelago and often in shallows, too. Herrings can be caught easily during the spawning period in the spring and in October with rig. Fishing with rig is included in the common fishing rights and a separate fishing permit is not needed.

Fishing licence system in Finland

Fishing method under 18, over 65 years 18-64 years old
Angling with a hook and line
Herring fishing with a rig
free of charge free of charge
Lure fishing
with one rod
Free of charge Fishing management fee
All other types of fishing e.g.
nets, long-lines, cray fishing
Fishing with more than one rod
No fishing management fee BUT
permission by water owner
Fishing management fee
AND permission by water owner
Fishing at special fishing sites No fishing management fee BUT
permission by water owner
Fishing management fee
AND permission by water owner

All fishing is prohibited in rapids and running waters where there are migratory fish species. Fishing can also be prohibited by decrees given by the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY-Centres), check the website ->

Special sites means areas where fishing is prohibited, but fishing can take place with special permits, i.e permits by water owner.

The fishing management fee in 2017

All fishers aged 18–64 years have to pay a fishing management fee, except for angling with a hook and line, ice-fishing, and herring fishing with a rig, which are free of charge.

The fishing management fee entitles you to lure fishing using one rod, reel and lure in the whole of Finland, except Åland islands or areas where fishing is prohibited.

For other fishing methods and for fishing with more than one rod 18-64 year old fishers need to pay the fishing management fee as well as have permission by the water owner.

The fishing management fee in 2017:
39 euros for 1 year
12 euros for 7 days
5 euros for 1 day

How to pay the fishing management fee

The fishing management fee is sold by Metsähallitus (Finnish Park and Forest Services). The fee can be paid in three different ways.

  1. Web shop Eräluvat
    Log in to the web shop Erä, register and pay the fee. In the registration you will be asked your name, address and date of birth. You can print the receipt or save it on your mobile device. NB. The web shop is only in Finnish, the English version will be opened in spring 2016.
  2. Service number 020 69 2424 (weekdays 8–16)
    Call the service number, you will be asked to tell your name, address and date of birth. You will be sent a bill, which contains the data for paying. Save the receipt.
  3. Service desk
    You can register and pay the fishing management fee at Metsähallitus' Nature Centers as well as in R-kioski´s news stands. You will be given a receipt.

Please note
– The receipt has to be kept with you at all times while fishing
– If you are under 18 years old or over 65 and therefore released from paying, please keep an ID on you while fishing. The fishing management fee is valid in the whole of Finland, except Åland Islands where you always need the water owners permit.